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Doozil is in construction - what are we waiting for?...

Doozil is a banner maker tool that will allow quick and easy implementation of affiliate advertising banners using different templates to allow for quick efficient implementation of banners in various sizes.


Image Library

It uses an image library to aid implement styles categorised for different industries.

Banner Size Automator

By updating one size of banner you'll be able to update all

Including the most common... 336×280 – large rectangle. 728×90 – leaderboard. 300×600 – half page. 320×100 etc View all 2018 ad sizes

Give your design identity

Upload your logo /brand to the banner creator and resize it to fit if needed, when uplaoding any graphic a transparent png is recommended to give a more professional impression and will fit in with the background more effectively.

Product images

If your product has been photographed on a flat coloured background then it will be easier (a lot easier) to bannerize again if it can be uploaded as a transparent png then great. The product banner uses a white background by default as this is the simplist and always ensures the product stands out.

Using a a clean product photo as the hero of your design with a simple price and alluring call to action is an effective way and can create good conversion rates in your online campaign.

online banner ad 320-300 width